Chogyal Rinpoche was born in Nepal in 1985. He entered monastic life at the age of five in Rumtek and Zurmang Monastery, Sikkim where he spent 10 years practicing meditation and Vajrayana ritual practice. He then studied Buddhist philosophy for ten years in Dzongsar and Shri Diwakar Buddhist Institute and in 2010 graduated with a Khenpo degree in Buddhist Philosophy.
From 2010 to 2013 Rinpoche went to Tibet and different areas in China. He was around Mount Kailash and Tibet to meditate with Ripas and Yogis for some time. He visited more than 20 countries and studied different religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam for a better understanding of global interfaith dialogue. He also studied psychology in Zurich, Switzerland.
He is actively involved in spiritual as well as social activities with the hope to help create a better world.

Events in Berlin

Secret of Vajrayana

The event will take place in the form of a workshop.
On the basis of the text of the 3rd Karmapa Rangjung Dorje “The Profound Inner Principles”, Chogyal Rinpoche will give an introduction to rarely taught aspects of Vajrayana Buddhism.

10am-12:30Teaching and introduction to the text of the 3rd Karmapa Rangjung Dorje “The Profound Inner Principles“
12:30-2:30pmBreak for lunch
2:30-5pmChogyal Rinpoche will give teachings on meditation and will teach a meditation based on the text of the 3rd Karmapa Rangjung Dorje “The Profound Inner Principles”.
5-6:30Break for dinner
6:30-9pmGroup work with explanations of the text “The Profound Inner Principles” and final statements by Rinpoche.

During the workshop, Chogyal Rinpoche will provide information on the Repa program, a three-year meditation and study program for lay practitioners.

The lectures are in English, a translation in German is offered.

Costs: Daily package EUR 30,00 (without board).

There are numerous opportunities for self-catering (lunch and dinner) in the surroundings of the venue.

Information about Chogyal Rinpoche: or concerning the Repa program:

Gebäude der Schwulenberatung Berlin GmbH
Wilhelmstr. 115
10963 Berlin
Raum: Ballsaal Kuchus

All lectures in english with translation into german